Toys and Pussy Girls
, 2014
Youre probably thinking Rod Berry, whos that? Yes, youre right, its a pseudonym; we cant publish his real name. Rod Berry mainly lives in eastern Germany and has been doing erotic photography for several years. Rod likes to experiment, and strives to capture the perfect blend of voyeurism and exhibitionism. His work stimulates the imaginations of model, photographer and viewer in all sorts of different ways, because the biggest erogenous zone of all is the one inside our heads. Подробнее
Volcanic Girls
, 2014
Text in English & German. Stefan Soll began to take photos at the age of 15, and soon landscape and portrait photography had become his favourite subject. In addition to his astonishing talent at choosing the ideal background and selecting key details, he also has the rare knack of capturing ideal lighting conditions. Stefan Solls Volcanic Girls has been out of print for quite some time. Now a new large format edition has been published in even better high density printing quality. The location selected for this unique collection is Lanzarote, a small but beautiful island off the coast of north-east Africa. Sex. Подробнее
Extra Petites Pussy Girls
, 2014
Text in English & German. Of course, with a name like Tom Cherry any connoisseur thinks it must be a pseudonym. And they would be right, because it is. There is an actual Tom Cherry, of course, but hes not known under that name. So, his fictional biography we present as follows: born yes, location unknown, age unknown. What is his task? Where others stop taking pictures he is only just getting started! In his second book, Tom shows great insight into the sexual fantasies of his muses. The spectrum of his porn-art photographs ranges from the playful and innocent to the submissive and provocative. Tom Cherry lives and works in Prague and Los Angeles, where a large part of the work published here was produced. So, if you want to have more detailed information on this secret star, Im afraid we're sworn to secrecy! Just enjoy these hot sessions of our under cover top photographer! To be continued... Подробнее
Hot Voyeur Secrets If it's true to say that there's something of the voyeur in everyone, this must especially apply both to the naturally inquisitive and to the world's talented photographers. When the latter focus on the sensuous world of erotic photography, the images they create ooze excitement, and exhibit an indefinable turned-on quality, perfectly capturing the moment the model seems unaware she is being observed. This new collection features more than 30 photographers, all of whom capture the instant the model is utterly relaxed and completely unselfconscious. Подробнее
Boobs To succeed the highly impressive Moon photographic collection, what could be better than a new volume entitled Boobs? It's another anthology, with breasts in all their glory: large, small, perky, sheer, with nipples in all shapes and varieties. The collection includes all kinds of styles, from pop art to Delacroix, ala Raphael, Indian, etc. A glimpse of paradise to amaze, seduce, and delight the viewer. Подробнее
, 2013
Carisha is one of the most wanted models on the internet. She possesses a certain soft, ethereal angelic beauty that captivates the imagination, and with her long wavy blond hair and radiant smile, a sweet, uplifting innocence. Against the natural green background, enjoy her creamy complexion, the drape of her hair, her slim waist, petite behind, and shapely legs. Carisha's mood varies from picture to picture. She is the pure personification of natural beauty, radiating happiness and the joy of being in the right place at the right time. Carisha is in a class of her own, beautiful beyond words. This book is a sensual, exclusive collection of more than 130 images of this incredible vision of feminine loveliness. Подробнее
Pussy Mania Text in English & German. Often referred to poetically as the delta of venus, this mysterious, triangular-shaped area, nestling by the female crotch is what doubtless attracts virtually every man (and also many women) more than any other! What is it about the look of a woman's tush (or pussy, as it is also affectionately called) that is so fascinating? In our topless age, why is this most feminine of all forbidden zones still strictly shielded from prying eyes? Who knows, who can say? However, it is common knowledge that nothing inspires erotic imagination more than this yummy triangle, which attracts voyeuristic looks as magically as the Bermuda Triangle attracts ships and aeroplanes. The incredible variety of shapes and colours, both inside and outside, featuring everything from bold hair styles to naked hairless pleasure, is simply breathtaking. It is almost as if the pussies are before our very eyes, glistening slightly, and we are virtually able to inhale their seductive scent or taste it; these pussies have been very skilfully photographed to set them off in the very best light. Enjoy! Подробнее
Pussy Games
, 2013
A name like Tom Cherry may have fans suspecting a pseudonym — and they would be right. There is an actual Tom Cherry, of course, but he's not known by that name. His fictional biography we present as follows: born yes, location unknown, age unknown. In recent years, Tom Cherry has become one of the most famous erotic photographers on the Internet. He reduces subjects to a minimum to allow the young girls' bodies to come to the fore in three dimensions, evoking sizzling sexuality to the tiniest detail. Tom is uncompromising in his choice of natural, well-groomed models who pose boldly and devotedly in front of his camera. What is his secret? Where others stop taking pictures he is only just getting started! In his first book, Tom shows great insight into the sexual fantasies of his muses. The spectrum of his porn-art photographs ranges from the playful and innocent to the submissive and provocative. For those who want more detailed information on this secret star, I'm afraid we're sworn to secrecy! Just enjoy these hot sessions of our undercover top photographer! Подробнее
Pussy Lounge
, 2012
Pussy Lounge, the second volume by renowned photographer Dirk Krauzig, transports you into a new erotic universe. With heavily upholstered armchairs, discreet lighting, antique furniture, lacquered and painted walls, the stage is set in the lounge bar to display the passions of his adult models. Adults only! Once again the qualified professional succeeds in capturing revealing performances and candid images of timeless elegance. His photographs are stimulating yet sophisticated; classy, and with a style of lighting that has become his trademark. He also takes exceptional care of image design and development. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the girls and women in this volume, and see what happens! Visit the Pussy Lounge, and become a voyeur in a world of sensuality, passion, eroticism and licentiousness! Подробнее
Pussycats Deluxe
, 2013
Text in English, French & German. Nearly 10 years have passed since Stainless Ladies, my first volume of photographs, came out, and its been about 30 years since I took my first photographs, in black and white, back in 1983. This time, my fourth volume contains results that are more realistic and less dream-like; closer to a rougher, ruder reality. My models are indecent and cheeky all at the same time; they possess the same subtle but captivating blend of fragility and strength. They give nothing away: is it their sex you want to see? No problem, you will! As the observer, you will not be able to resist getting involved. At first, their total lack of shame shocks you, but then puts an irresistible spell on you. And although we know that this is a game of image and illusion, you may want to hate them, but they remain out of reach. In this game, the roles of hunter and prey have been reversed, which is the unsettling part, right? When you get to the end and wake up in the last few pages, you will be wondering whether it was all only a dream, or perhaps even a kind of nightmare. If the next thing you hear is a gentle giggling, it must be the girls, who can take off their panties so quickly no camera is able to spot them! And so, now we take our leave of you, I and my accomplices, great experts as we are in the art of sweet torment. Подробнее
Vibrant Vixens Mostly unseen work from the illustrator known for his sexy robots Sorayama's new book contains highly explicit art and is definitely suitable for adults only. His erotic, futuristic, hyperrealistic illustrations create a visual landscape that would be impossible to achieve in photography alone. Only the masterful Sorayama, equipped with boundless imagination, is able to achieve this, using pencil and brush, acrylic paint, and airbrush. The works collected here are simultaneously breathtaking and at times repulsive, yet all of them are utterly fascinating. Very few of these images have been published before, but the time has come for Sorayama to release this secret work. These images are really not for the squeamish; readers have been warned! Подробнее


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