Krauzig Dirk

Pussy Lounge
, 2012
Pussy Lounge, the second volume by renowned photographer Dirk Krauzig, transports you into a new erotic universe. With heavily upholstered armchairs, discreet lighting, antique furniture, lacquered and painted walls, the stage is set in the lounge bar to display the passions of his adult models. Adults only! Once again the qualified professional succeeds in capturing revealing performances and candid images of timeless elegance. His photographs are stimulating yet sophisticated; classy, and with a style of lighting that has become his trademark. He also takes exceptional care of image design and development. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the girls and women in this volume, and see what happens! Visit the Pussy Lounge, and become a voyeur in a world of sensuality, passion, eroticism and licentiousness! Подробнее


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Детская литература

Юмор. Комиксы.


Эротика и секс (18+)