Sorayama Hajime

Vibrant Vixens Mostly unseen work from the illustrator known for his sexy robots Sorayama's new book contains highly explicit art and is definitely suitable for adults only. His erotic, futuristic, hyperrealistic illustrations create a visual landscape that would be impossible to achieve in photography alone. Only the masterful Sorayama, equipped with boundless imagination, is able to achieve this, using pencil and brush, acrylic paint, and airbrush. The works collected here are simultaneously breathtaking and at times repulsive, yet all of them are utterly fascinating. Very few of these images have been published before, but the time has come for Sorayama to release this secret work. These images are really not for the squeamish; readers have been warned! Подробнее


Художественная литература



Детская литература

Юмор. Комиксы.


Эротика и секс (18+)